Public Safety

With the growing population and traffic within the city, public safety is a top priority. Diana wants to improve intersections, crosswalks, and other city safety concerns, as well as support the law enforcement and security of our local schools. Our law enforcement and other first responders have continued to serve our community with excellence and Diana will work to ensure they have the resources and support needed to keep us safe while also having opportunities to connect with residents.


Improving our existing and building new infrastructure will address our community’s current needs in terms of roads, water, sewer, and telecommunications, as well as plan strategically for the city’s future growth. Diana will continue prioritizing flood risk reduction projects in West Melbourne, especially in our older neighborhoods, and seek effective and efficient solutions to challenges facing our utility systems.

Local Economy

Diana believes it is important to be fiscally conservative and responsible with taxpayers’ funds, which will allow West Melbourne to continue to build it’s strong local economy. Businesses are also a vital part of our community and she believe a strong relationship with local businesses not only incentivizes them to stay in our area, but also bring new ideas and opportunities to West Melbourne while cherishing the “small town” charm of our community.


Our local environment and natural resources are such treasures, and Diana believes it is important to take strategic and impactful steps to not only address the problems with our Indian River Lagoon, but also be proactive to ensure future generations enjoy this beautiful place we call home.